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Israel decided not to send military needs to Ukraine. Why is Israel afraid of Russia?

Kyiv certainly needs a lot of military needs to deal with Russia, the most important military equipment is the air defense system, as is the case with its Israeli iron dome. However, Israel has categorically said it will not provide military equipment to Kyiv so the decision angered Ukraine.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz explained that Israel currently has absolutely no production capability to supply Ukraine with air defense systems in accordance with Kyiv's latest demand.

"Even if it decides to change policy, it is impossible for us to vacate our air defense system. This talk is hot."

"We check every day what can be done and how our aid is expanded, but we must not forget that NATO stands behind Ukraine," he explained.

Kyiv has repeatedly demanded military assistance from Israel, and the latter focuses on the Iron Dome and Arrow air defense systems.

Last month, Kyiv's ambassador in Tel Aviv, Evgeny Korniychu, said in an interview that the US should pressure Israel into giving weapons to Ukraine, as the only country listening to Israel.

Gantz's exploration comes in Israel working to replenish supplies of Tamir missiles for Iron Dome batteries, after firing at more than 4,300 rockets fired from Gaza by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad during the May 2021 conflict.

Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky accused Iran of supplying Moscow with a suicide drone called the Shahed-136. His top adviser was an attack on Iran's drone and missile manufacturing facilities.

While it is developing, Tehran admits it has sold a small number of drones to Moscow but said that was before hostilities in Ukraine escalated in February.

So far Israel has refrained from providing direct military aid to Ukraine in an effort to maintain ties with Moscow, which has an expeditionary force in Syria.

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