NATO base in Ukraine destroyed in Russian military attack

HSMilitarycom: The NATO base in Ukraine in Ochakovo was destroyed. War correspondent Oleg Blokhin announced this on his telegram channel, posting pictures from the scene.

NATO base in Ukraine destroyed in Russian military attack

The US Maritime Operations Center was engaged in providing maneuvers for the ships of the military alliance. In addition, he provided precision weapons that could be used against Russian infrastructure on the coast, as well as against the Black Sea Fleet, the journalist wrote.

“The NATO base in Ochakovo has been wiped off the face of the earth. It was one of the priority objects for a strike on military infrastructure, ”Blokhin specified.
NATO base in Ukraine destroyed in Russian military attack

According to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the United States of America wanted to create similar facilities in Crimea. But the inhabitants of the peninsula thwarted Washington's plans.

“We will always remember this,” the head of state said.

Earlier it was reported that the Syrian authorities supported the Russian special operation in Ukraine.

“The West and the United States have used every opportunity to harm Russia both politically and today and militarily: therefore, each state has the right to defend itself in the event of a military threat, and it must do so,” said Special Advisor to the Syrian President Luna Shibl.


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