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The duet of Russian SU-35 and SU-30 fighter jets became king in Ukrainian airspace

As reported by the Russian defense department, a duet of SU-35 and SU-30 fighter jets destroyed a unit of Ukrainian fighter jets.

With a predetermined strategy, SU-35 and SU-30 fighter jets easily lurk and destroy air targets. The Russian Defense Ministry did not specify when the shooting occurred and in which regions of Ukraine.

However, the strategy used by the Russian air force to shoot down the Ukrainian aircraft was referred to as "package bait" or "aero bait".

According to experts, this strategy tasks one high-flying fighter jet and the second low-flying. The first task was performed by the Su-35 with air superiority capabilities and a radar range of up to 200 km using the N135 Irbis-E.

While the second role was performed by the Su-30 to eliminate the enemy's air defense system. Reportedly Izvestia quoted the Russian Defense Ministry as saying the Su-35 took off carrying several missiles.

According to the statement, the Su-35 fighter jet carries two RVV-MD short-range airborne missiles, two RVV-BD long-range missiles, and two Kh-31P antiradiation missiles.

The first to be in the airspace of Ukraine was the SU-35 fighter jet after which it was assigned an SU-30 flying at low altitude, good cooperation it messed up the Ukrainian air defense system and made the radar difficult to detect.

This Su-30 flight was followed by the launch of Kh-29 surface-to-surface airmissiles against predetermined targets, such as air defense systems, trains and trains, as well as bridges.

Kh-29 missiles were used by Russian pilots to lock enemy radar. Even when the missile was still under the wing of the Su-30 and had not yet been launched. The missile locator then detects the target and locks it on radar.

It is said that it is quite possible that before the launch of the missile, the air defense system will detect the aircraft with radar. However, it was the role of the Su-35 that could later detect the Ukrainian defense radar system first. The single-seater launched a Kh-31P antiradiation missile.

This was achieved due to the very powerful N135 Irbis-E radar on the Su-35. Firing of fighter jets was possible where Ukrainian aircraft intercepted the Su-30 but was disabled by the Su-35, according to the analysis provided.

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