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Is it true that Russia used Fab-3000 missiles?

HSMilitarycom: Is this due to the explosion of a Russian FAB-300 missile? A giant hole with a diameter of more than 80 meters and a depth of about 20 meters was seen in an unnamed region.

If it is true that this is due to the FAB-3000 or FAB-1500 missiles, it could cause very serious damage in Ukraine.

A video recorded by the Ukrainian military showed a huge hole from a very powerful explosion, For obvious reasons, all Ukrainian troops in the area were eliminated.

Experts find it difficult to say what type of munitions could destroy that badly, however, we may be talking about important positions of Ukrainian forces.

"It's definitely not a cruise missile, but, most likely, a high-explosive fragmentation bomb, maybe a FAB-1500 or even a FAB-3000. The force of the explosion was so great that even Ukrainian forces hundreds of meters away from the blast received critical damage," the specialist notes.


However, the location of the explosion was not explained and this is estimated to be in the region of Ukraine (only suspected). 

If this is true due to FAB-3000 or FAB-1500 missiles, is this a warning to NATO Allies from Russia? 

During the military operation into Ukraine, Russia reactivated the FAB-3000 high-explosive air missile. The FAB-3000 missile was carried by Tu-22M3 bombers with hypersonic power. 

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