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Was it russia's S-300 air defense system that hit Poland?

As we know, during this time Poland was very active in supplying military needs to Ukraine, Of course this is to help ukraine deal with Russia.

It is known that recently one of the cities in Poland was hit with a missile and no one party has yet been held responsible for the incident. Residents of the Lublin region of Poland managed to record the moment of the impact of the two missiles.

According to eye sanctions two missile strikes destroyed one of the cities in Poland. According to experts ( this is conjecture) the shell of the S-300 air defense system was discovered, and the second type of missile is not yet known.

Perhaps we suspect or even assume it is the Russian S-300, given the constant supply of weapons sent to Ukraine by the Russians. However, Russia said Russia had never carried out an attack near the city. source said, To date, it is known that Poland has activated NATO Article 4, which regulates consultations, however today there is complete confidence that the rocket that exploded belonged to Ukraine.

For the explosion in one of the cities in Poland, it was reported that NATO Sinaga was full and preparing Meraka fighter jets.

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