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R-37M SU-35S air-to-air missile hits Ukrainian fighter jets from a long distance

It is not yet known for sure when Russia's military operations in Ukraine will end, various types of weapons were supplied by NATO to Ukraine and recently it was rumored that Ukrainian fighter jets were destroyed by SU-35S using R-37M missiles.

As the patrolling SU-35S equipped with R-37M missiles detected the presence of Ukrainian fighter jets from a long distance, without Need to approach them SU-35S easily destroyed the target.

The air-to-air missiles hitting Ukrainian fighter jets instantly switched positions, this is of course to avoid in case of a counterattack from the Ukrainian air force.

In addition, the SU-35S fighter jet also destroyed the radar used for the Ukrainian S-300 air defense system, it is not known for sure what kind of missile the SU-35S used to destroy the Ukrainian S-300 radar.

Experts say that, the R-37M long-range missile has been actively used within the framework of the SVO. what is even more interesting is that the SU-35S with R-37M missiles can destroy targets without the need to enter enemy airspace, this is what makes it difficult for ukrainians to detect the presence of SU-35S fighter jets.

In this case not only Ukraine, NATO and also the west have difficulty confronting Russia, it is certain that almost all NATO and western consignment weapons become scrap metal in Ukraine.

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