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Putin orders large amounts of aid to Palestine

Russia is currently sending 27 tons of aid to Gaza Palestine. The delivery of the aid package is an incentive of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as confirmed by several sources from Russia.

According to the telegram's source, the cargo plane was transporting a number of types of aid, such as flour, sugar, rice and pasta.

The aid will be channeled through the Egyptian Red Crescent, which will then be channeled to Gaza Palestine.

Russia's decision underscores its commitment to supporting civilians in a region struggling with the Hamas-Israel conflict.

As we know, recently a number of public facilities such as hospitals were hit by bombs (according to some sources) it was an Israeli rocket launched from a fighter jet.

However, Israel dismissed the issue, saying it was a rocket from Hamas fighters. Some analysts say Hamas rockets are not capable of moving that fast and the direction of rocket launches from Hamas fighters is the opposite.

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