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SU-30SM2 fighter jets with new weapons will strengthen Russia's borders


Su-30SM2 Fighter jet

HSmilitarycom: Russia will significantly strengthen the defense of its borders in the west by transferring modernized Su-30SM2 fighters to the border with NATO. 

Reviewers of the American Military Watch magazine write about this.

The improved Su-30SM2 fighters have acquired a number of significant advantages over their predecessor, the Su-30SM.

The upgraded version will be equipped with powerful advanced AL-41F-1S engines, which are also installed on Su-35 fighters.

This will provide the combat vehicle with high endurance and excellent flight characteristics, Military Watch analysts say, PolitRussia reports in an exclusive retelling of the article.

According to the authors of the publication, the Su-30SM2 will be equipped with the latest radar, but at the moment it is not known which one.

 It is likely that we are talking about the Irbis radar.

It is expected that the upgraded Su-30SM2 will be deployed in Kaliningrad, one of the most heavily fortified outposts of Russia on the border with NATO. 

They will replace the outdated Su-27 platforms," ​​the experts stressed.

Advanced fighters will join the ranks of both the Russian Aerospace Forces and naval aviation, which will pose a serious threat to NATO. 

With tensions rising between Moscow and the North Atlantic Alliance, their crews face particularly difficult tasks, MW observers concluded.

Earlier, analysts from the Chinese edition of Sohu expressed concern over the simultaneous holding of large-scale exercises of the Russian Armed Forces and NATO forces.

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