Chinese journalist: Russian SU-35 really scares American pilots

HSMilitarycom: The Chinese edition of Sohu said that the West does not stop provoking Russia into a military conflict with Ukraine. 

On top of that, confrontation is building up in the areas of naval exercises of the Russian fleet.

Russian SU-35 really scares American pilots

Publication authorsremindedreaders about the recent interception of three US Boeing P-8A Poseidon patrols over the Mediterranean.

Then the Russian Su-35 fighters came close to the planes.

“The Su-35s really scared the American pilots. This Russian fighter is capable of easily destroying a US Air Force aircraft,” Sohu observers note.

Analysts also emphasized that the maneuvers of Russian pilots are not only a threat, but a humiliation for the Pentagon and NATO.

“Russia has once again shown that no country in the world is capable of confronting it head-on,” the authors of the article summed up.

Meanwhile, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin believes that Russia's "invasion" of Ukraine is not a bluff. According to the US Secretary of Defense, Moscow has every opportunity for this, writesRT.

Previously NEVSKY NEWSwroteabout the failed US Navy mission in the vicinity of Urup.


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