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Ukrainian S-300ps Shoot down MIG 21 romania

HSMilitarycom: Romania officially announced that the Ukrainian military shot down a MiG-21 fighter jet. The plane was shot down by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile, possibly from the S-300PS complex.

Ukrainian S-300ps Shoot down MIG 21 romania

Rocket elements found at the crash site of a Romanian MiG-21 fighter jet. The Romanian Ministry of Defense demanded that the Ukrainian authorities investigate the incident thoroughly.

Ukrainian media refused to admit involvement in the incident. They insisted that the Romanian Air Force's MiG-21 Lancer had crashed. After the plane flying over the Black Sea disappeared from the radar, they started looking for it.

According to the Romanian Air Force, an IAR 330 rescue helicopter is conducting a search for the missing fighter jet.

Ukrainian S-300ps Shoot down MIG 21 romania

The case was confirmed by the Romanian Air Force. Communication with the rescue helicopter was cut off.

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The pilot managed to send a message about bad weather. He received orders to return to base. There are five soldiers in it.

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