Ukraine Bayraktar TB2 again destroys targets

HSMilitarycom: Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian military forces have shared videos on various social media.

One of the videos that is being talked about is the Bayraktar TB2 drone made by a Turkish company.

Ukraine Bayraktar TB2 again destroys targets

Recently, a video circulated showing the Bayraktar TB2 drone destroying Russian military equipment.

In the video published on Twitter, the location of the attack is not stated. In the video, Bayraktar TB2 is attacking the target.

The Bayraktar TB2 drone is now increasingly recognized by the wider community, this is because of its action when attacking Russian armored vehicles.

In this case, the Bayraktar company is considered quite successful in developing the Bayraktar TB2, some of its actions in Ukraine have overwhelmed the Russian military.

Another source said, when the Russian military convoy did not know the arrival of Bayraktar TB2 so that the Russian military convoy became a disaster.

However, in several other videos released on telegram, Russian missiles easily detect the presence of Bayraktar TB2, so it is not difficult to destroy it.

In some videos published by the Russian military, showing Russian pantsir S missiles easily shooting down the Bayraktar TB2 drone.

Does the Bayraktar have a weakness, Or the advanced Pantsir S missile system?


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