Russian K-52 helicopter destroys Ukrainian armored tank

HSMilitarycom: The Russian Ministry of Defense published a video of the destruction of a Ukrainian armored tank by a K-52 helicopter.

The video shows how the pilot of the Ka-52 helicopter, which flew at a very low altitude, destroyed a Ukrainian tank.

Russian K-52 helicopter destroys Ukrainian armored tank

The K-52 Alligator attack helicopter is a new, generation fighting vehicle designed to destroy tanks and other types of armored vehicles. The K-52 helicopter can spy on the enemy in all weather conditions.

The K-52 helicopter is equipped with a reduced visibility device, electronic protection system and active countermeasures.

The K-52 has high crew safety, modern automated systems to facilitate pilots, and is also easy to maintain.

"The crew of the Ka-52 helicopter, during a special military operation to protect the Donbass republic, at very low altitudes, found the target, made arrests and launched missiles, destroying camouflaged Ukrainian military equipment."


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