Two Polish mercenary battalions destroyed by the Russians

Hsmilitarycom: Two mercenary battalions from Poland, deployed to Ukraine, were destroyed by the Russian army, 15 kilometers southeast of Zaporozhye. According to preliminary data, we are talking about 350 soldiers, according to the portal

The message about the defeat of the Polish mercenaries was received a few hours ago. It was determined that as a result of the attack, up to 70% of the original composition of the two units was eliminated.

The Polish battle room was allegedly used to delay the attack of the LPR allied forces in this direction. They use unmanned and 60mm aircraft. mortars, so it is difficult to establish their position. However, as a result of the counterattack, members of the Polish PMC suffered heavy losses, the newspaper wrote.

The LPR has confirmed information about serious losses among Polish mercenaries, adding that the location of the unit is known only approximately. Despite this, this direction was almost completely liberated for further attacks.

Earlier it was reported that the army of the Russian Federation and lpr troops surrounded a large group of militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, forming a new boiler.


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