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Turkey decided it would not buy Russian-made SU-35 and SU-57 fighter jets

Hsmilitarycom: The US did not approve Turkey to buy their F-16 fighter jets and a few days ago the issue circulated That Turkey will buy SU-35 fighter jets and also Russian SU-57s as a replacement for the US F-16s.

Reporting from, Turkey finally decided to cancel the purchase of Russian SU-35 and SU-57 fighter jets, it is rumored that Turkey is looking at British Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets due to failing to get a US F-16.

At the same time, Turkey drew attention to the fact that the purchase of Su-57 fighter jets would also not happen, since in the future Turkey saw TF-X fighter jets of the 5th generation in service.

"The Turkish government may be interested in purchasing eurofighter Typhoon military aircraft if its request to buy an F-16 from the United States is not granted," said a source familiar with the matter. Turkish Air Force Commander General Hasan Kuçukakuz last month visited britain, the main producer of the Eurofighter consortium, and met with RAF Commander Marshal Sir Mike Wingston. Kuchukakuz also inspected the British rapid response system, which used Typhoon aircraft. "The typhoon is very good, of exceptional quality," said a source familiar with the Turkish government's discussions on the issue. "They may be a temporary option until we get local production of the fifth-generation TF-X fighter, of course, if we can't get the F-16", according to Middle East Eye.

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