Syrian air defense shoots down Israeli F-16

Hsmilitarycom: Syrian air defenses ambushed an Israeli F-16 in 2018.

Four years after the destruction of the Israeli F-16 fighter by Syrian air defense systems, details of the incident were announced in Syria.

Syrian air defense shoots down Israeli F-16

As it turned out, the Israeli combat aircraft was deliberately ambushed by an unmanned aerial vehicle, and as soon as the drone was attacked by the Israeli Air Force, the Syrian air defense launched attacks on the fighters. 

Initially, Israel denied that the plane was shot down at all, however, the discovered fragments of an anti-aircraft missile made it possible to completely refute the arguments of the IDF.

Syrian air defense shoots down Israeli F-16

According to data provided by Syrian military sources, the incident occurred due to an unmanned aerial vehicle that penetrated Israeli airspace. 

As a result of the attack on the drone, Israeli fighter jets were lured into the ambush of Syrian air defense systems and one of them was successfully shot down.

Syrian air defense shoots down Israeli F-16

It is reported that the Syrian S-200 air defense system successfully struck a fighter when it planned to hide from a launched missile at low altitude.

It is noteworthy that not only exactly four years have passed since the incident, but also that two days ago the Syrian air defense could well repeat this, since the radars of Israeli fighters and Israeli air defense  missile defense systems were blocked by Russian electronic warfare systems, - the four anti-aircraft missiles fired only lacked range and speed.


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