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Ukraine's military says it once destroyed thousands of enemy tanks

Looking at the current state of affairs, there seems to be no sign that Russian President Vladimir Putin will soon withdraw his troops from Ukraine.

In the ongoing war, it was noted that already quite a lot of military equipment of Russia and Ukraine had been destroyed.

Quoted from MoscowTimes, Russian tank losses in Ukraine have passed 1000 units according to Oryx intelligence that had tracked Russian losses in battle.

In the report, some tanks were destroyed, captured, or simply abandoned by their crews.

Some types of Russian tanks that are included in the list include the T-72B, T-80BVM, T-72B, T-80U, and many others.

The first Russian tank that was quite heavily destroyed by Ukrainian troops was the T-72B3. Quoted from the Military Today page, the T-72B3 tank is the result of Russia's upgrade to the aging T-72B.

In its design, the T-72B3 underwent several improvements in its specifications, including a new engine, a new fire control system, as well as other improvements.

In terms of armament, this tank retained the Smoothbore 125 mm cannon with the addition of the latest version of the autoloader. Then, the T-72B3 is also equipped with the launch feature of the 9M119 Svir anti-tank missile.

It was noted that there were about 558 T-72B tanks upgraded to T-72B3. In the history of its use, this tank has been used since 2014. In addition, the T-72B3 was also present in Syria in 2017.

Most recently, during the Russian-Ukrainian war of 2022, this tank was widely used. Unfortunately, some of them were successfully destroyed by the Ukrainian armed forces.

In addition, it was the type of T-80BVM tank that the Ukrainian military destroyed a lot. Quoted from the Military Today page, this type of T-80BVM is an upgraded version of the T-80BV battle tank.

The draft was first introduced to the public in 2017. With a displacement of about 46 tons, this tank is equipped with 3 crews and a GTD-1250TF engine, a gas turbine and can cover a distance of up to 500 km.

Looking at the improvements, the T-80BVM tank received a slight upgrade in the form of steel prison protection equipped with an explosive reactive protective kit Relikt.

In addition, the tank is also equipped with a passive countermeasures system that increases protection against several types of anti-tank guided missiles.

In armament, the T-80BVM retained the Smoothbore 125mm gun with the addition of the latest version of the 2A46M-4 cannon.

Then, this tank can also launch 9M119M Reflex anti-tank missiles with a range of up to 4-5 km.

While its secondary armament consists of a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and a 12.7 mm machine gun mounted on the roof.

Historically, the T-72 was a tank made by the Soviet Union produced until 1990. Quoted from the Military Today page, in its development, this tank received many changes in its latest various variants.

One of them is the T-72B that Russia also deployed in the 2022 war against Ukraine.

The T-72B tank is an improved version of the T-72A with a thicker and stronger turret armor.

In addition, the T-72B is also equipped with an explosive reactive protector Contactt-1 which makes its protection higher. In addition, there are also additional armors that further strengthen the durability of this tank.

Model T-72B appeared in 1985. In 2020, this tank became one of the most widely used in the active service of the Russian Army.

So it is not surprising that this type of tank was also parachuted when Russia invaded Ukraine.

In addition to the above three tanks, the type of T-80U owned by Russia was also widely destroyed by the Ukrainian military.

Quoted from the Military Today page, the T-80U battle tank is an upgrade of the T-80 and has been operating since the days of the Soviet Union, to be precise in 1985.

The T-80U has armor that has been upgraded from the previous version. With a composite armor feature, this tank is also equipped with a Kontakt-5 Explosive Reactive Armor block.

In terms of armament, the T-80U uses a Smoothbore 2A46M-1 125 mm cannon equipped with an autoloader.

In addition, this Russian tank can also fire reflex 9M119M anti-tank missiles with a maximum range of up to 5 km.

Its secondary armament consisted of a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and a 12.7 mm machine gun mounted on its roof.

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