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Why in the span of two months hundreds of Russian armored vehicles and Tanks were destroyed, is it because of the US jevelin?

The continuing military operations caused many Russian armored vehicles to be destroyed, not even a few were seized by the Russian Enemy army.

Severe experts say that, it is estimated that Ukraine is getting a large supply of advanced anti-tank weapons from the NATO country as well as the west.

Oryx a military and intelligence blog said it had calculated russian military losses in Ukraine based on photos and videos sent from the war zone.

Oryx estimated that Russia lost 460 tanks and 2000 units of other armored vehicles. However, according to the Ukrainian military, the Russians have Lost more than 680 units of their advanced tanks.

As we see, there are many graveyards of Russian tanks and armored vehicles in Ukraine, it is of course due to the impact of anti-tank missiles and also the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2.

Some sources say that, the US has supplied more than 2000 Anti tank missiles including javelin at the beginning of the conflick. In addition, the UK has also supplied 3600 NLAW missiles for the Ukrainian military.

Javelin's missile maker, Lockheed Martin, the rocket can explode at the top of the tank, the area where the armor layer is the thinnest. Many Russian tanks are equipped with reactive armor that withstands the impact of rocket fire.

However, Javelin is equipped with two warheads. One warhead destroys the reactive armor, while the second penetrates the skeleton of the tank's body.

Similarly the NLAW missiles supplied by the British to Ukraine were designed to explode when passing through the relatively open top of the tank.

The destruction of many Russian tanks, even considered as advanced Russian-made tanks can still be destroyed using the US Javelin anti-tank Missiles and also the British NLAW. This became an important lesson for Russia to strengthen tank defenses from advanced US and British missiles.

In addition, Russian tanks and armored vehicles were also taken over by the ukrainian army. As we saw at the exhibition during kyiv's independence day celebrations A few weeks ago.

In this regard, the military combat power of the Ukrainians cannot be considered weak, they have a large supply of military needs, not even ruled out advanced weapons.

Russian tanks refurbished from previous tanks are certainly not capable of dealing with advanced anti-tank missiles owned by the Ukrainian military.

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