Norway to supply 160 U.S.-made high-precision missiles to Kyiv

Reportedly, in the near future Norway will supply a new arms package to Ukraine, the latest arms package includes the US-made AGM-114 Hellfire Missile.

Hellfire AGM-114 high-precision missiles are considered the most effective against Russian troops. It is estimated that the delivery of such high-precision weapons was completed before the end of this month.

Sources Avia.Pro said that, Norway will supply 160 Hellfire AGM-114 missiles and several such missile launcher units.

The source also said that, AGM-114 missiles had previously been used to attack Energodar.

However, the AGM-114 missile used to attack the Energodar was different from the version to be sent to Ukraine. Norway says the AGM-114 Missiles to be supplied to Kyiv are the latest version. Guidance on the target should be done either with GPS coordinates, or with the designation of a laser target.

Regarding whether the AGM-114 includes high-precision missiles or not, experts say that the missile's range is relatively short and is expected to be ineffective if it is fighting with Russia.

How many Hellfire AGM-114 missiles are in service with Norway is unknown. However, earlier Russia said it would destroy all military packages sent by NATO and the west, we cannot be sure the AGM-144 weapons and missile packages will fare like other military equipment sent by NATO members and the west.


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