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The TOS-1A equipped with Glonass GPS navigation is capable of destroying targets in seconds

The Russian military will receive the latest version of the TOS-1A flamethrower system equipped with a Glonass GPS. As reported by topwar.

The company that makes the TOS-1A flamethrower system, As reported by Omsktransmash, part of the weapon has been sent to the Russian army silently.

To date, there are no official details regarding the delivery of TOS-1A to the Russian military. It should be noted that in advance the Russian defense department has signed a contract related to the modernization of this TOS-1A system.

As we know, there are even many videos circulating. The Russian military actively uses the TOS-1A when conducting military operations in Ukraine. This TOS-1A is considered the most effective in real combat.

The firing range of the TOS-1A flamethrower system is capable of destroying targets from a distance of 6 Km. Artillery systems work under the main battle tank, since the TOS-1A does not fire from a safe distance.

After firing a shot towards the target, the TOS-1A quickly moved the position, making it very difficult for the Enemy to detect. The TOS-1 and TOS-1A received long-range ammunition designed for the TOS-2 Tosochki.

The TOS-1A rocket uses a thermobaric warhead or air fuel so it is often called a vacuum bomb. This bomb uses the surrounding oxygen to create a high-temperature explosion to destroy the surrounding objects.

After hitting the target, the bomb charge opened the fuel container and scattered Wilson's clouds. Then the second charge ignites a fuel cloud that produces fiery explosions and oxygen-sucking vacuums.

The Thermobaric bomb system was fired from the TOS-1A dual launch rocket system, which was a variant of the TOS-1 at the end of the Cold War. The TOS-1A entered Russian military service in 2001 with a complete system installed on the chassis of the T-72 tank.

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