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Seen on the Ukrainian border SU-57 scouting target drones?

Perhaps earlier, some experts said Russia was unlikely to deliver the 5th generation fighter jets that is the SU-57 to real combat, it was allegedly due to its small number.

However, in reality as we found out a few months ago, the SU-57 fighter jet performed its action in Ukraine, the video was recorded by a resident of Ukraine whose exact location is not known.

Recently, as reported by, a video of an SU-57 fighter jet is seen on the Ukrainian border, in the video showing the SU-57 fighter jets expected to perform unusual maneuvers.

What's more interesting about this SU-57 fighter jet is that it can control and destroy the target without having to enter the target's airspace. Of course, with the super advanced system owned by the SU-57, it makes it difficult for enemies to detect its presence.

Judging from the video footage, there are no missiles on the external suspension of the fifth-generation fighter, however, the Russian fighter also has a fairly powerful cannon, the ability of which is more than enough to fight unmanned aerial vehicles and shoot down. In the video we can hear the very frightening sound of the SU-57 fighter jet.

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