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The A-10 attack aircraft is able to destroy enemy armored vehicles in a matter of seconds. Does Ukraine operate it immediately?

Some sources say the US will soon retire the A-10 attack aircraft dubbed a flying tank, because it is old.

However, the decision was overturned due to various factors. Some analysts say the A-10 aircraft is still very effective at fighting in real combat.

The US A-10 aircraft was considered to have the ability to destroy enemy tanks. The special skills of the A-10 aircraft are not possessed by the military aircraft of any country.

The U.S. air force began the A-X (Attack Experimental) program in 1966 that produced A-10 aircraft. The A-10 attack aircraft began production in 1975.

While the A-10 specification was born out of discussions with the pilots of the A-1 Skyraider fighters involved in the Vietnam War. 

As a tank destroyer, the A-10 Thunderbolt II was armed with a GAU-8 automatic gun or a 30 mm Avenger, the most terrifying aircraft gun ever made.

As an attack aircraft, the A-10 is capable of carrying a seven-ton armament. The aircraft is armed with Maverick AGM-65B C air-to-ground missiles, AIM-9L M Sidewinder air-to-air missiles, LAU-68 70 mm rocket launchers. To divert enemy missiles, the A-10 was equipped with a decoy.

Reportedly, Ukraine asked the US to send F-16 fighter jets to Kyiv. It seems that the US will not agree to Kyiv's request, this of course there are several factors that the US must consider.

Russian military analyst Alexei Leonkov said the US would not give the F-16 to Ukraine. However, it will prepare the 'Tank Destroyer' aircraft under development.

The A-10 attack aircraft is considered very effective if it fights in real battles. The U.S. will provide assistance to Ukraine in the form of a tested tank-destroying ground attack aircraft, the A-10 Thunderbolt II.

Such A-10 aircraft can be relied upon to pursue swarms of the main Battle Tanks of Russia. Leonkov made the remarks after the administration of US President Joe Biden announced an additional 1 billion USD of new military aid to Ukraine.

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