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Panzerhaubitze 2000 is able to destroy targets in seconds, how effective is this weapon in Ukraine?

There was a rumor that at the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine Germany would not send the 2000 Panzerhaubitze heavy arms to Kyiv.

But in the end, the Germans decided to supply the PzH 2000 heavy weapons for the Ukrainian army against the Russian army. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said the heavy weapons had been received by Ukrainian forces.

Panzerhaubitze 2000 or PzH 2000 is one of the most advanced heavy artillery in the 155 mm class. The heavy weapon has now been used and equipped with M109 and M777 howitzer artillery.

The Panzerhaubitze 2000 or PzH 2000 heavy artillery gun began to be developed in 1987 by West Germany. The development program was canceled due to lack of funds.

PzH 2000 was completed in 1993 when West and East Germany had united. The German Army initially ordered more than 1000 units of these weapons, but the purchase contract was made for 185 units alone in 1996.

The PzH 2000 is a Self-Propelled Howitzer type heavy artillery gun. The weapon is equipped with a 155 mm gun of NATO standard ammunition. 

As an SPH artillery gun, the PzH 2000 had a tank-like body with a chain-drive system but with a much larger and longer cannon. PzH 2000 is one type with M109, a Norwegian howitzer that has been delivered to Ukraine.

The current PzH 2000 was created and developed jointly by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Rheinmetall Landsysteme. This heavy weapon is really heavy because it has a weight from 55 tons to 61.5 tons.

The german delivery of PzH 2000 to Ukraine, making the weapon the most advanced artillery sent by the West to Kiev.

The chassis of the PzH 2000 was specially built by Wegmann, sharing components with the Leopard heavyweight tank. The palpable performance of the trajectory of such artillery guns is also not inferior to leopard tanks.

The length of the PzH 2000 in total is 11.67 meters. The length of the vehicle is 7.87 meters with a height of 3.48 meters and a width of 3.4 meters. The hull of the PzH 2000 is equipped with an inch-thick steel that can provide protection from heavy machine gun bullets, light guns and splinters.

Its 16.5-ton box-shaped turret is protected by the Explosive Reactive Armour system. This part is also equipped with a machine gun of 7.62 mm caliber. His howitzer gun is eight meters long. The range of ammunition capable of being fired by such cannons is between 30 kilometers to 40 kilometers.

With the latest bullet innovations, the range of the PzH 2000 shot range is even able to reach a distance of 56 kilometers to 60 kilometers. It takes a five-man crew to operate PzH 2000.

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