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Poland to buy 1000 units of South Korea's K2 Black Panther tank

Hsmilitarycom: Reportedly, Poland will spend $14.5 billion to buy 1000 units of South Korea's K2 Black panther tank.

Earlier, Poland was also rumored to have agreed a deal to buy 250 units of the United States' Abrams tank, about $4.7 billion.

The large expenditure of military supplies in Poland has anything to do with military operations in Ukraine?

It is known, the Poles have sent almost all their tanks ( Soviet-made tanks) to the Ukrainian armed forces.

There is no official statement from Poland regarding the massive spending on military equipment.

The Polish and South Korean agreements were not only K2 Black panther tanks but also included 48 F-50 light fighter jets, as well as 850 tank units, altileri and about 670 K9 Thunder self-propelled guns and 180 modern variants of the K2 Black Panther tank.

The K2 is the only NATO-compatible tank in worldwide production that uses an autoloader. Poland plans to purchase about 1000 K2 Black Panther tanks.

Originally, there were only 800 units to be acquired. However, this increased from the forecast before the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian War.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of the Eastern European country, Mariusz Blaszczak, declared the acquisition on July 22.

The K2 Black Panther tank is considered the most capable tank in the world that can only be rivaled by the Russian T 14 Armata.

The T 14 Armata is the main battle tank of the latest generation developed by the Russian company Uralvagonzavod. The MBT T 14 Armata is rated as a technological leaping stone and the design of a Russian military armored vehicle.

Interestingly, the appearance of the T 14 is completely different from the tanks belonging to Russia in general, even on modern products. If you look at the whole, from front to rear, this tank is more square, similar to the design of modern western tanks.

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