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American TOW sent to Ukraine, T-64 Tanks, T-72 Tanks and T-90 Tanks should be alert

Hsmilitarycom: Reportedly, America has sent 1500 TOW units to the ukrainian army, this TOW is considered more Effective in destroying tanks when compared to Javelin and NLAW.

With this TOW, it is estimated that armored vehicles such as T-64, T-72 tanks and also T-90 tanks are a serious threat.

This TOW was once used by a group banned in Syria (terrorists) to destroy the targets of armored vehicles.

The effectiveness of this TOW is much more capable when compared to anti-tank systems such as Javelin and even like NLAW.

Their armor penetration is 12-50% higher, the range is 250% longer, and if necessary, such missiles can even be launched from aircraft carriers.

It is not known for certain why the United States sent this TOW to ukrainian soldiers Although in fact the Russian defense department has warned America.

The target range is 4.5 kilometers. It's an anti-tank system capable of attacking targets silently and deadly.

As stated by The first batch of this TOW anti-tank system has arrived in Ukraine a few weeks ago.

However, until this news was published no Ukrainian army had used this TOW when facing the Russian army and there was no official announcement from Luhansk and Donetsk.

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