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The fifth-generation SU-57 fighter jet will accompany the Russian aircraft carrier, facing the battle at sea

Hsmilitarycom: Some sources say that, The fifth generation fighter jet su-57 of Russia will have a naval version.

The news was announced by Yury Slyusar, CEO of United Aircraft Corporation on August 16 at the Army 2022 international military technical forum.

He said that the Russian Maritime Doctrine calls for developing cutting-edge aircraft carriers.

"The basis of the Su-57 program makes it possible to solve the aviation tasks of the Russian Navy in the shortest possible time," the chief executive said, quoted from the Eurasian Times.

However, he did not provide specific details regarding the Navy's upcoming fighter jets or the timeline for the project.

As is known, the Su-57 is a fifth-generation multirole fighter jet built by Russia and claimed to be able to destroy all air, land, and also sea targets.

This SU-57 fighter jet is also equipped with stealth technology and extensively uses composite materials.

What's more interesting to talk about is, the Su-57 fighter jet is equipped with the most advanced onboard radio-electronic equipment.

These include a powerful onboard computer, a radar system scattered throughout the body of the SU-57, and other innovations.

However, some sources say that, the US has successfully operationalized and exported the F-35 fifth-generation fighter jets at a time when Russia is struggling to operationalize Su-57 fighter jets.

It is estimated that By the end of 2024, the Russian air force will have 22 units of those fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jets.

Then, by 2028, that number will increase to 76. It is worth knowing that in 2020, the Russian air force received its first Su-57 fighter jet.

This fifth-generation Fighter Jet Su-57 will undergo testing in Russia in the fall of this year with an improved communications suite.

According to Slyusar, 4 multirole fighter jets of the Fifth-generation Su-57 in serial production were built today under a state contract with the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

"Under the state contract with the Ministry of Defense of Russia for the serial production of the Su-57, 4 aircraft have been built as of today," he said.

The next batch of shipments is also planned to be carried out this year. Apparently, Russia has ambitious plans for this SU-57 fighter jet.

Maybe we still remember it, previously Russia also announced that Checkmate will fly in the coming 2024.

The Bulgarian Military said that, Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov in a statement to Interfax said that Checkmate was already well prepared.

"Since the project was presented at MAKS 2021, feedback has been received from potential customers.

Work is also carried out to optimize costs and analyze technical solutions that allow a significant increase in competitiveness.

Commercial attractiveness reduces the technical risk of developing domestic single-engine aircraft," he said.

Manturov also announced that Russia plans to start test flights of the Su-75 in early 2024.

"In the shortest possible time. Work on the Skakmat aircraft is now in preparation for the production of the first prototype," concluded the Deputy Prime Minister in his remarks.

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