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Soldiers from the U.S. operate MLRS HIMARS sent to Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: Soldiers from the U.S. and Great Britain operate American MLRS HIMARS in Ukraine, First Rank Captain Vladimir Yeranosyan said in an interview with on July 15.

According to the source, Ukraine has nine MLRS HIMARS. And their Western assistants, in particular, Germany and Great Britain, instead of training Ukrainian soldiers in training grounds to deal with these weapons. However, in reality it was the US and British armies that operated it.

"I believe 250% of [shelling] from HIMARS and reloading of bullets, launchers for these six missiles, are being handled by the Americans and the British," Yeranosyan said.

According to the military, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) only guarded the MLRS and engaged in calculations. For each HIMARS, there may be one battalion of Ukrainian militants protecting the installation.

The US army is very experienced, as they use in Iraq, So, it is quite possible that HIMARS is operated by the US and UK soldiers.

On July 8, US President Joe Biden spent $400 million dollars on Ukraine. This will include the supply of military weapons and military education for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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