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In order to buy Abrams U.S. tanks, Poland donated 240 units of T-72 tanks to Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: Earlier this year, Poland was due to donate 240 units of T-72 tanks to ukraine and Poland decided to buy 116 units of American-made Abrams tanks.

As quoted from various sources, The first deliveries of the used Abrams Tanks are scheduled to begin in early 2023. However, how much it will cost the Poles will have to spend is not yet known.

"We have been trying to fill the gap that emerged after the donation of T-72 tanks to Ukraine," defense minister Mariusz Błaszczak told IAR. "Our efforts were successful; we have an agreement with the US that 116 old versions of the Abrams tanks will be transferred to the Polish army."

Last month, President Andrzej Duda said that Poland had given $1.7 billion worth of weapons and other military equipment to Ukraine. Poland expects the allies to replace with more advanced weapons.

Earlier, Duda accused Germany of breaking the promise, for not sending German-made Tanks to Poland, as Poland had sent a number of T-72 tanks to Ukraine.

However, Germany denied the allegations, Germany said that Warsaw had made unrealistic demands for the latest version of the Leopard tank that even very few of its own soldiers had.

Three weeks ago, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that, the European Commission had agreed to "reimburse most of our expenses" related to equipment provided to Ukraine. Poland, after the US, became the largest country to provide arms to Ukraine this year.

Russia's military operations in Ukraine have also prompted the Polish government to speed up and expand its efforts to improve its country's defense capabilities.

When Błaszczak visited the US, Defence Minister Lloyd Austin, promised that the US would "help the Polish military become one of the greatest in Europe".

In addition to buying U.S. Abrams tanks, Poland has also signed or sought deals with the U.S. for Patriot air defense systems, HIMARS rocket launchers, F-35 fighter jets, attack helicopters and drones.

Błaszczak also said that, Poland had completed the purchase of the American-made C-130H Hercules military transport aircraft.

Earlier, President Joe Biden said that the US would build a permanent military base in Poland, thus Poland becoming the first country to have a permanent military base for the United States.

Poland will continue to improve military defenses. Earlier this month, the Polish Arms Agency announced, it had purchased thousands of grenade launchers from the Norwegian arms company Nammo Raufoss US.

It is known, Poland provides the most military purposes for ukrainians. However, Russian president Vladimir Putin has warned countries interfering in Russian military operations in Ukraine.

Does Poland know the aftermath of his decision? So want to facilitate his military with advanced military equipment from the United States?.

Abrams are known to be the most advanced tanks and proved to be very successful in Iraq, Syria etc. However, what if at any time Poland faced off against Russia and capitalized on used Abrams tanks?.

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