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Russia seizes US M777 Howitzer cannon from Ukrainian military

Hsmilitarycom: The Howitzer cannon, 155-mm caliber M777, which was sent to the Ukrainian armed forces is now taken over by the LPR troops " Russian-backed forces".

Russian Sember said the M777 Howitzer did not last long in Ukraine, and some of the Howitzer guns could not be functioned due to damage.

Some other sources also said that, the US-made M777 Howitzer was ineffective in the face of fighting against Russia.

The source also said that, the M777 Howitzer gun is very easy to detect by the air force as well as the Russian army, so it is very difficult to move it in a relatively short time.

That way, it was easy for the Russians to destroy the M777 Howitzer, both by land and also by air.

Poddubny said that, the M777 howitzer was used to shell Rubizhne, Severodonetsk and other settlements. He added that, according to local residents, an American officer led a combat crew.

Under the rubble of the hangar, where the howitzer in a destroyed condition, was found a used 155 mm shell tube, as well as about 50 of which are still intact.

Poddubny emphasized that during the attack on the howitzer, such a very valuable element was not damaged, such as the combat information and control system (CICS), which is now being studied by experts. 

In addition, the military commissar expressed confidence that now this howitzer "will be dismantled piece by piece."

At the same time, he noted that, according to the military who used it, the M777 was a very mediocre weapon.

"Children and Yankees, bring more," concluded the military commander.

Earlier, Uralvagonzavod, which produces Russian howitzers and tanks, thanked the French president for the Caesar howitzers supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine after information emerged that two such installations were seized by Russian troops and transferred to the enterprise for study.

"The technique, of course, is so-just like It's not like our MSTA-S! Nevertheless, it is useful in the economy. Send more, we will find out, "wrote the factory employees on the company's Telegram channel.

Previously, German Howitzers were also seized by the Russian armed forces. The German-made Howitzer is considered quite sophisticated when compared to the US-made Howitzer.

However, after the Russians confiscated the German Howitzer and learned about it, the Germans seemed to open a secret door for the Russians.

In this case, Germany inadvertently told Russia "this is the weakness of our weapons" and this is of course the beginning of the destruction of German-made weapons.

In this regard, Russia greatly benefited So that for free it can learn all kinds of NATO and western weapons sent to the ukrainian troops.

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