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US F-15EX Eagle II combat test. Greatness of this fighter jet is extraordinary


US F-15EX Eagle II Fighter jet

Hsmilitarycom: The US Air Force tested the F-15EX Eagle II fighter for the first time with a missile launch. 

The tests are considered as an important step in testing the entire weapon system of the new aircraft.

The tests were carried out on January 25 over the Gulf of Mexico. Eagle II launched an AIM-120D AMRAAM missile at a BQM-167 target drone. 

US F-15EX Eagle II Fighter jet

The aircraft is assigned to the 40th Flight Test Squadron (40th Flight Test Squadron).

During testing, the F-15EX deployed on-board sensors, including the extremely powerful AN/APG-83 Active Phased Array (AFAR) radar. 

The missile flew towards the drone, but did not hit it: when the shot was considered successful, the AMRAAM flight was stopped.

US F-15EX Eagle II Fighter jet

Tests have shown that the aircraft can play its main role, namely, to gain air supremacy. In addition, it can be used to strike the ground.

The first F-15EX was handed over to the US Air Force last year. The Air Force expects it to replace the aging F-15C / D, providing fundamentally new capabilities, such as control of UAVs and the use of new hypersonic weapons.

The Americans said the F-15EX is capable of carrying up to 22 air-to-air guided missiles or "hypersonic weapons up to 22 feet long and weighing up to 7,000 pounds." 

US F-15EX Eagle II Fighter jet

If we talk about mini-bombs such as Small Diameter Bomb, then their fighter is capable of taking up to 28 units. Consequently, the F-15EX will be among the most powerful fighter-bombers. 

In total, the US military expects to receive about two hundred such vehicles.

The F-15EX is sometimes seen as an alternative to fifth-generation fighters, but this is not true: the Americans do not abandon either the F-22 or the F-35 - the latter should last for decades.

US F-15EX Eagle II Fighter jet

Recall that recently posted on the Network photos of deck-based F-35C, the radar-absorbing coating of which was seriously damaged after several months of operation in marine conditions. 

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These aircraft are based aboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson. The pictures were taken during his stay in the Philippine Sea in January.

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