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Rusty F-35 fighter jet. Are all fighter jets serving in the Sea like that?

Rusty F-35 fighter jet

Hsmilitarycom: The aggressive marine environment leads to rapid damage to the fuselage elements of the US Navy's fifth-generation F-35 fighters, which leads to peeling and a special coating, which allows these combat aircraft to become less visible to air defense and radar systems. Data on this subject is given  by The Drive.

The Drive reports that the situation is very acute, especially after it became known that this circumstance is critical.

Rusty F-35 fighter jet

It is emphasized that such a problem is typical for all US Navy fighters, however, in the case of F-35 fighters, this is unacceptable.

The US Navy F-35C stealth fighters, one of which recently attracted unwanted attention after a botched boarding of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier that sent it to sea, are also showing quite a bit of wear and tear on their debut combat tour. 

Rusty F-35 fighter jet

Radar absorbing coatings have historically been made from materials known to be sensitive to environmental conditions. 

Photographs recently released on the Pentagon website show the extent of weather exposure on the F-35Cs of the 147th Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA-147), Argonauts, aboard a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. 

Rusty F-35 fighter jet

All of these images were taken while the aircraft carrier was moving in the Philippine Sea earlier this month ,” according to The Drive.

In fact, taking into account such defects on the surface of the fuselage, fighters cannot perform combat missions.

Rusty F-35 fighter jet

And, obviously, countries such as Italy and Great Britain, which also use fighter jets as part of their navies, are also facing this problem.

Experts note that such a problem can be eliminated only by completely changing the production technology of these combat aircraft, which requires multibillion-dollar investments.

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