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Russia sent 30 thousand troops to Belarus. What is going on?

Russia sent 30 thousand troops to Belarus

Hsmilitarycom: The military exercises that will be held in Belarus during the current month will be incredibly large-scale.

According to the West, we are talking about the deployment on the territory of Belarus of the Russian army of 30 thousand troops, a third of which is already on the territory of a neighboring state, and the rest will arrive in Belarus within the next week.

According to the media, such large-scale military exercises on the territory of Belarus have never been held before. 

Obviously, this caused serious concern and panic among Western countries, who mistakenly believe that Russia is preparing to invade the territory of Ukraine. 

According to US Special Representative to the UN Thomas Greenfield, this is the largest mobilization of forces in Europe in decades.

“Russian military mobilization is the largest military mobilization in Europe in recent decades.There are 10,000 well-armed Russian soldiers in Belarus and this number is expected to increase to 30,000 in the coming days ,” Greenfield said.
Russia sent 30 thousand troops to Belarus

Nevertheless, despite any accusations, Belarus and Russia announced military exercises in advance. 

Moreover, the exercises are primarily due to the fact that NATO went to create serious tension on the border of the Union State by deploying large units of armored forces and artillery near the Belarusian border.

Source: Avia dot ru

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