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Iran to acquire SU-35 fighter jets Russia, Israel and the US are furious

As you know, the Russian-made Su-35 fighter jet is now in the public conversation, having been considered a success in real combat in Ukraine. It is known, the SU-35 fighter jet is equipped with advanced and also modern technologies. 

Iran's decision to buy Russian SU-35 fighter jets turned out to anger Israel and America. Reporting from Israel and America will attack Iran within the next 4 years (this is expected).

Tehran decided to break the red line set by Israel and acquire Russian Su-35 fighters, while it is highly likely that an attack on Iran could already occur early next year.

What was the real reason Israel and America decided to invade Iran? Is it because of the purchase of SU-35 fighter jets or because SU-35 fighter jets are considered to be endangering the Israeli and American military markets?

Known, SU-35 fighter jets equipped with modern technologies and this make it possible to destroy the F-35 stealth fighter jet easily.  In other words, the Russian-made SU-35 is more sophisticated when compared to the US F-35.

Iran will buy 60 units of Russian SU-35 fighter jets. The decision is of course to improve the security of Iranian airspace.

It is noteworthy that a few days ago , Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly stated the need to attack Iranian territory , which may be an announcement of the actions of Israel and the United States.

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