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Is it possible for Russia to buy kamikaze drones from Iran?

As we knew some time ago, Russia deployed kamikaze drones to paralyze the city of Kyiv.

Various videos of kamikaze drones were recorded by Kyiv residents and destroyed buildings in the city.

However, Some sources say that the kamikaze drone was an Iranian shipment or rather Russia bought the drone from Iran.

Some experts from the weight suspect that the kamikaze drone in Russia is like the Iranian-made Shahed-136 drone. Is it because of its similar design that it is said it is an Iranian-made drone?

We're talking about russian kamikaze drones. Reporting from The Guardian, the kamikaze drone is 3.5 meters long and whose wingspan is 2.5 meters. The drone Is able to fly at a speed of 185 kilometers per hour. With a propeller engine and a fairly light weight of 200 kilograms, the drone is capable of flying 1,850 kilometers.

The kamikaze's unmanned fuselage was said to be bulletproof And capable of sending a 36.2-kilogram warhead placed at the front end of its body.

Because The russian kamikaze manned tank aircraft was very similar to the Iranian-made drone Shahed-138, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba asked the European Union to impose sanctions on Iran for giving Russia a kamikaze aircraft for russia.

With the increase in Russian attacks on Kyiv, Ukraine believes that Iran Has sent 2400 kamikaze drones to Russia. In this case, iran is considered to be in violation of UN regulations.

However, experts say that. Is Russia incapable of making such an advanced drone? Why buy from Iran? Doesn't Russia have a company capable of making drones?

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