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Undetected, the Russian SU-57 destroyed the target SU-57 fighter jet

According to the Russian edition of Svobodnaya journalists, a Russian SU-57 fighter jet destroyed a Ukrainian air force SU-27 fighter jet using an R-37M missile. 

The SU-57 fighter jet Destroyed the target remotely so that it could not be detected by the Ukrainian SU-27 radar.

To prove the incident, on October 10, an R-37M missile brought by SU-57 fighter jets was accidentally noticed by locals in one of the Ukrainian cities.

Initially, su-27 fighter jets were lifted into the air to destroy the kamikaze geran-2 drone, while lurking in the droe, the SU-27 was forced to fly over an altitude that was considered safe.

However, unwittingly the R-37M missiles carried by su-57 fighter jets destroyed the Ukrainian SU-27 fighter jets from a great distance. There are allegations that the AA-14 was also launched by su-57 fighter jets.

According to experts, NATO fighter jets, we are talking F-16 and F-15 will also think thousands of times to fly in Ukrainian airspace. Of course the SU-57 destroys the target without being detected by radar.

For example, if the US still wants to send F-16 and F-15 fighter jets to Ukraine, of course they are like making a fool of themselves and this will be bad for the United States itself, because almost all NATO countries have US-made fighter jets.

An attack carried out by the SU-57 fighter jet with its latest missile R-37M will render NATO fighter jets defenseless.

However, regarding the destruction of Ukrainian SU-27 fighter jets by The Russian SU-57 there has been no official statement from the defense department of ukraine. The incident was concluded due to the presence of the latest SU-57 missile, the R-37M, which was seen in Ukrainian airspace.

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