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Backfire! Russian TU-22M3M bomber terrified the enemy

As we know, Russia is now deploying kinzhal hypersonic missiles in real combat, such missiles are carried by MiG-31K fighter jets and Tu-22M3M bombers.

The TU-22M3M bomber was modernized in 2018 and NATO dubbed the Tu-22M3M Bomber aircraft a backfire.

The TU-22M3M bomber can move at high speeds up to thousands of miles per hour and of course carry hypersonic Missiles.

The TU-22M3M bomber was originally tasked with completing war missions in Syria. Fly from Russia past Iran, Iraq to hit its targets with lethal precision and accuracy.

Viktor Bondarev, head of the Defense and Security Committee of Russia said that, the Tu-22M3M bomber was commissioned alongside the Tu-160 and Tu-95, ensuring the superiority of Russian long-range strategic aviation.

At the beginning of Russian military operations in Ukraine, the Tu-22M3M bomber was tasked with destroying the Ukrainian arsenal.

The Tu-22M3M bomber assigned to Ukraine certainly carried hypersonic missiles. It is one of the fastest missiles in the world.

The TU-22M3M bomber can move up to 21000 meters per hour making it almost impossible for the anti-aircraft system to stop it.

According to local news outlet Zvezda, the Russian military said it used Kinzhal hypersonic missiles to destroy an underground ammunition demill at Delyatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast.

Hypersonic missiles can be loaded with nuclear warheads and are capable of destroying targets from different directions in a matter of minutes.

China and Russia are reportedly working on hypersonic technology to address anti-ballistic missile defense systems.

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