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The Izdeliye 305E missile in russia's ka-52 helicopter became the scariest

Hsmilitarycom: As we see, the Russian ka-52 helicopter became an important role when conducting military operations in Ukraine and various Ukrainian armored vehicles were destroyed.

Some Sources said that, the ka-52 helicopter is now equipped with the latest Izdeliye 305E, the missile is capable of reaching targets of 230 meters per second. It's so incredible.

The Izdeliye 305E missile is a 'Product 305', Lightweight Multipurpose Guided Missile. The missile was first featured on an Army forum in 2021.

While the test site was not described in detail, one thing seems quite clear it was used on Ukrainian targets.

This missile was fired from the Ka 52M Alligator attack helicopter. Not only that, but the Izdeliye 305E missile can also be used on Mi-28NM 'Havoc' helicopters, fighter jets, and even unmanned aircraft.

Launching the Eurasian Times, it should be noted that the missile has the ability to hit invisible targets using a homing head at a distance of 14.5 kilometers.

The missile was capable of carrying a warhead weighing 25 kilograms, aiming at the target with the possibility of a multimode electro-optical system.

The weight of the Izdeliye 305E missile is 105 kilograms, the length is almost 2 meters, and the body diameter is 200 mm. The missile flies at a speed of 230 meters per second and can be launched from an altitude of 100 to 600 meters.

The Izdeliye 305E missile was developed by the Kolomna Mechanical Engineering Design Bureau, part of the Rostec State Corporation. According to him, this missile was Russia's first multipurpose weapon for helicopters.

The Ka 52 itself is a helicopter that can also be used as a trainer aircraft. Reporting from Hotcars, the helicopter has a long nose and a two-seat cockpit with a side-by-side layout.

Not only that, but the type of layout in particular also makes the control of the helicopter simpler during battles. The Alligator is also equipped with a TV3-117VMA turbo engine.

The helicopter has two counterrotation coaxial rotors that provide outstanding maneuverability. This makes the Ka 52 one of the most agile helicopters in this world.

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