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Economy nears recession, west halts arms supply to Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: It is predicted that the west and NATO will stop the supply of arms to Ukraine, this allegedly increases the protests of their own population.

NATO and the west suffered as a result of sanctions against Russia, the gas crisis and the extension of the conflict. as written in an article for 19FortyFive by U.S. Armed Forces Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis. 

"The scenario is becoming increasingly likely that by the fall and winter, European and American leaders will be under intense pressure to slow or stop the flow of money and arms into Kiev. Western economies are already showing signs of approaching recession. Partly as a result of the massive sanctions imposed on Russia The price of gasoline has risen to the highest level in history, the world food stock has fallen almost to the level of a crisis, raising the cost of almost all products. The situation with gas in Europe may be a trigger to reduce Western support for Ukraine," the military believes. 

According to him, if the crisis lasts all summer and does not end in the winter, the consequences for the NATO country will be severe. 

With the onset of cold weather, the population of the United States and the European Union will increase pressure on the authorities to stop funding to Kiev and supply arms to Ukraine, Davis predicts this.

Against the background of Russia's special operations to defend the Donbass that began on February 24, the United States and NATO allies continued to supply military equipment to Ukraine. 

Earlier, The President of the United States Joe Biden signed a bill on the allocation of military, economic and humanitarian assistance to the Kiev regime in the amount of about $40 billion. 

Moscow has repeatedly pointed to Western attempts to drag down the conflict. Russia's defense ministry warned that ammunition depots would be legitimate targets for in neighboring republics. 

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