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Russian TU-22M3 bomber hits Ukrainian SU-27 nesting site

Earlier in the center of Kyiv, Ukraine prepared an exhibition to celebrate the country's independence day from the Soviet war. 

At the organized exhibition in the center of Kyiv, Ukraine will exhibit destroyed Russian armored vehicles.

However, just on the day of the celebration of Ukraine's independence, Kh-22 and kh-32 missiles launched from Russian Tu-22M3 bombers hit a storage area of Ukrainian SU-27 fighters.

According to some Sources said That, The storage warehouse of the Ukrainian fighter was in the Myrhorod region.

The base is known as a storage area for Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jets and also Aero L-39 jet trainer aircraft.

It is known that the Ukrainian AU 831st Tactical Aviation Brigade began to be headquartered there since 1977, previously headquartered in Boryspil Oblast, Kyiv.

In its combat missions, the Tu-22M3 can carry two or a maximum of three Kh-22 and Kh-32 missiles, respectively, one at the base of the wing and one under its abdomen.

These kh-22 and kh-32 missiles have a length of 11.65 m and a diameter of 92 cm, which can shoot at a speed of Mach 4.6 or 5,600 km per hour with a range of up to 600 km.

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