Western long-range weapons in Ukraine, The geographical task of Russia's special operations will change

Hsmilitarycom: Currently known, The state of western countries and NATO has delivered long-range weapons to Ukraine, Russia confirms the geographical task of special operations of russian troops will change direction. 

This was revealed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in an interview with Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of RT and Rossiya Segodnya.

"The president said very clearly, as you cited, denazification, demilitarization in the sense that there is no threat to our security, a military threat from the territory of Ukraine, this task remains," the minister emphasized. 

At the same time, he recalled that during a meeting of negotiators in Turkey at the end of March, the situation on this issue was completely different. 

"Now the geography is different. This is far from just the DPR and LPR, but also the kherson region, the Zaporozhye region and a number of other regions, and this process continues, and continues consistently and continuously," the head of Russian Diplomacy added. 

He said that, the west and NATO made Ukraine's condition worse and there was no word to go the path of peace.

This is evidenced by the supply of various long-range weapons to Ukraine, for example, HIMARS. That way the geographical goals of the Russian special operations in Ukraine will move even further than the current line. 

"Since we cannot allow the part of Ukraine that Zelensky will control or whoever replaces him to have weapons that will pose a direct threat to our territory and the territory of the republics that have declared their independence, those who want their future decide for themselves," he concluded. 

To date, the west and NATO are seen to still be very actively delivering long-range weapons to Ukraine, even the US will deliver 9 HIMARS units complete with ammunition.


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