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US P-8A Boeing aircraft with Harpoon Missiles destroying warships

Hsmilitarycom: A video shows the destruction of the Battleship with Harpoon missiles and Exocet missiles. This Harpoon anti-ship missile was once sent to Ukraine to deal with Russian troops.

This US-made Harpoon Missile and Exocet Missile for France have very remarkable capabilities, this is as you can see on the YouTube channel "Crek post". The impact of the two missiles made the Frigate unable to last long at sea.

The very hard impact of the Harpoon and Exocet missiles on the right side of the latter Frigate received such serious damage that it was guaranteed to be destroyed.

Harpoon anti-ship cruise missiles, one of which was launched by the US Boeing P-8A Poseidon aircraft, and the second by another warship, flew only 1.5-2 meters above sea level. The surface of the water and hit right on the hull of the frigate.

As a result of the first two attacks, the ship received very serious damage, and the force of the missile impact was such that the ship began to turn around. 

However, the first two attacks by anti-ship missiles did not cause critical damage to the frigate, however, after the frigate received several more attacks by french Exocet anti-ship missiles, the battleship received much more serious damage, it is estimated that it will be destroyed.

It is known that the development of attacks on frigates was carried out as part of military exercises off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands, during which the use of anti-ship weapons was practiced.

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