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Russia develops ballistic missiles "Zmeevik" to destroy aircraft carriers

Hsmilitarycom: Russia is developing ballistic missiles to destroy all types of aircraft carriers, the Zmeevik Missiles with hypersonic combat equipment for the benefit of the Navy, are estimated to be capable of sinking all kinds of aircraft carriers.

The information was reported to TASS by two sources close to the military department and the Russian military-industrial complex.

"Zmeevik ballistic missiles with hypersonic combat equipment have been developed for quite a long time. It will be designed to destroy large surface targets, especially aircraft carriers," one of them said.

Another source said that these missiles could enter service with the Navy's coastal missile units. One of the interlocutors of the agency added that in terms of its characteristics, the Zmeevik resembles Chinese missiles of similar classes DF-21D and DF-26 with a range of up to 4 thousand km.

The company develops and manufactures Zircon hypersonic products (anti-ship missiles for surface ships and submarines), Avangard combat equipment for the UR-100N UTTKh and Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles, the Bastion coastal missile system with supersonic missiles "Onyx" (export modification - " Yakhont").

In March, Anatoly Svintsov, deputy general director of NPO Mashinostroeniya said that, the company also has a large stock of aviation versions of the Zircon missile.

What will happen to American, British and other NATO country aircraft carriers, if these Russian-made Zmeevik Ballistic missiles are successful and used to attack targets?

Other countries are certainly not ready to face the hypersonically backed Zmeevik ballistic Missiles if at any time a naval battle takes place.

These Zmeevik missiles are considered to be a new problem for NATO countries and the west. Other countries have to think hard about making such a Zmeevik missile deterrent.

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