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Russian T-72 tank destroyed by ukrainians, exhibited in Poland

Hsmilitarycom: Russian armored vehicles destroyed by Ukrainian Missiles were on display in downtown Poland. The damaged Kremlin vehicle was on display to provide a dramatic view for visitors arriving at the historic Castle Square in Warsaw, Poland.

Both armored vehicles, the T-72 Tank and the 2S-19 self-propelled howitzer were destroyed by Ukrainian troops and exhibited in the Polish city.

The message displayed at the devastated Russian vehicle exhibition was that Ukrainians not only defended freedom and democracy in their own country, but also for Europe as a whole.

Everyone walking in the historic square posed for a photo in front of the destroyed Russian armored vehicle.

"It's hard to see this here. But it bears witness to the support that Poland has shown for Ukraine," said one Ukrainian resident who was in Poland.

"We had Russian tanks go into Poland in 1939," said retired Warsaw Krzysztof while observing the tanks.

"They're definitely less modern than this. But on the contrary, nothing has changed when it comes to the mentality of the Russian regime." He said again.

Eight-year-old Sasha, who fled Kiev with her mother Katarina in early March and crossed the border into Poland, said the war was real.

"These tanks here show the war is real," Sasha said.

"He knows a lot about war. He dreamed of returning to Kiev, and becoming a soldier one day," sasha's mother said.

Tanks will remain on display in Warsaw for the next few months before traveling to the southern city of Krakow. Ukraine's defense ministry plans to showcase it elsewhere in Europe, including in Madrid and Lisbon.

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