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Russian Missiles Destroy NATO mercenaries on Polish and Ukrainian borders

Hsmilitarycom: An estimated 6 Russian missiles attacked NATO mercenaries on the border between Poland and Ukraine. The distance is only 10 kilometers from Poland.

Six Russian rockets that attacked the Polish border and destroyed the ammunition depot and the premises of NATO mercenaries.

The attack, among other things, became an indication for Poland Warsaw directly demonstrated the fact of how active support for Kyiv could end.

Video of the destruction of NATO mercenaries shows the moment when six cruise missiles of an unknown type destroyed at once the Yavorovsky training ground. Judging from the frequency of attacks, they are dispatched by air-launched cruise missiles.

Judging by the video footage, its destruction was colossal, while it is possible that hundreds of foreign mercenaries were also liquidated, since the attack itself was carried out, apparently, from a northern and unexpected direction the alarm was not activated in time.

Experts say Russia's missile attacks against NATO mercenaries 10 kilometers away from Poland are a stern warning to a country that actively supports Ukraine.

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