Master's eating weapons. air defense system "BUK" of Ukraine attacked their own

Hsmilitarycom: The anti-aircraft air defense system of the Ukrainian "Buk" attacked the positions of their own soldiers. It is known that the BUK system attacked the air targets of Russian fighter jets.

However, what makes this "BUK" a overlord feeding weapon is that, the missiles fired are estimated to have only flown a few meters later reversed their own attacking direction. Allegedly due to electronic interference.

This kind of ridiculous incident is often experienced by Ukrainian troops when facing Russian troops.

Is it because of the lack of knowledge of the ukrainian army with the anti-aircraft air defense system "BUK" or indeed the system does not want to fight.

The analysts see such an incident as watching a joke show. However, this is not 100% the fault of the ukrainian army. Probably, the air defense system chose to make peace with the Russians.  😆


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