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Russia deploys TU-22 bombers in southern Belarus, things are not good

Hsmilitarycom: A few hours ago, three unidentified modified Tu-22 long-range bombers entered the airspace of the southern part of Belarus at once. According to Belarusian media sources, during this past day at least a fourth Tu-22 bomber was seen over Belarus.

According to the presented data, at least one Tu-22 long-range bomber was spotted near Bobruisk at around 19:20 local time (coinciding with Moscow time). The latter is moving towards the east.

A few hours later, three Tu-22M3 long-range bombers were seen in the southern part of Belarus, residents of the Gomel and Mogilev regions of Belarus reported this. 

It is noted that the aircraft flew at a fairly high altitude, but it is possible to see that the latter are moving towards the Ukrainian border. At the same time, it was noted that they lived in the territory for a short time.

There is no official statement on this, however, the appearance of the Tu-22 long-range supersonic bomber over Belarus was not seen in a sufficiently long period of time.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin said he would send a number of Iskander-M missiles to Belarus, the purpose of sending the missiles was not explained in detail.

However, it was only recently that Russia conducted a large-scale military operation on the Polish border, considering that many Polish mercenaries participated in Ukraine.

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