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NATO has threatened moscow's security, Turkey supports military operations in Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: Today, Russia conducts military operations in Ukraine no longer attacking the Ukrainian armed forces, but rather to destroy mercenaries, NATO soldiers and also the west.

In this regard, Russia considers this already threatening the security of Moscow, Various advanced weapons were sent to Ukraine by NATO as well as the west.

Consciously or not, this is no longer a battle between Russia and Ukraine but rather a battle with NATO and western mercenaries.

Ukraine was used as a place to fight with Russia, of course NATO and the west had certain missions under the guise of helping military equipment for the ukrainian army.

Representative of the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin said that official Ankara believes that the Russian special military operation in Ukraine is fully justified.

“Russia began to doubt the pyramid in geostrategic and military terms, proposed to revise the terms and sign a new balance agreement in 30 years. Those who wanted to suppress those trying to get out from below said: let's go the way of conflict.- said the representative of the President of Turkey Ibrahim Kalin.

Experts note that Turkey reacted quite responsibly to the assessment of the situation and earlier refused to join the sanctions against Russia.

Today, Turkey is in favor of a speedy settlement of the situation in Ukraine, insisting on a meeting between the leaders of Russia and Ukraine in order to sign an agreement, however, Kyiv ignores such actions on the part of Ankara.

Experts say that, if NATO and the west play behind Kyiv's screens, weapons and military equipment will continue to be delivered. A peace deal is actually completely undesirable by the west and NATO and Moscow suspect it.

The decision of Russia to conduct large-scale military operations is considered Very appropriate, to destroy weapons and the Pay Military ( from NATO and the west ).

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