Chinese President Xi Jinping orders to begin preparations for military operations in Taiwan

Hsmilitarycom: Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered preparations for a special military operation in Taiwan. The purpose of the NWO is called the protection of China's national sovereignty.

The full text of the document signed by the leader of the People's Republic of China was not made public, however, as the journalist studied, the document provided for actions aimed at safeguarding the country's national sovereignty. 

At the same time, we are not talking about an order to start military special operations, but only regulate their implementation if there is the slightest threat to China's national interests and the sovereignty of the country.

At the same time, analysts believe that given the current situation in the region, China will probably launch a special military operation in the coming months, provided that the situation around Taiwan does not subside.

Experts note, even taking into account the support given to Taiwan by the United States, the island has no real chance of opposing the PRC.

"The emergence of American warships, submarines, fighters and bombers in the region is nothing more than Washington's attempt to show its strength. If necessary, China will destroy the American fleet in a few hours, and US aircraft are unlikely to be able to approach the Chinese border at a distance of 150 kilometers," analysts note


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