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Can the US F-35 beat China's J-20 fighter jets. US pilots trained to confront Chinese fighter jets

Hsmilitarycom: A source said that, the US is training their pilots to use F-35 fifth-generation fighter jets to deal with the possibility of fighting with Chinese J-20 fighter jets.

"The 65th Enemy Squadron "Aggressor" has been assigned to play the role of Chinese aviation. Some of the F-35 multirole fighter jets in service will be repainted to look like China's J-20s.

Due to the increasing threat posed by the PRC, we must use our F-35 fighter jets to replicate their capabilities. The No. 65 squadron will focus on China. 

Instructors from this squadron will help our fighter pilots learn the tactics of the Chinese Air Force, the training of pilots and their capabilities. In fact, we will simulate the Chinese Air Force as much as possible. 

Using the F-35 as an aggressor will allow pilots to train against subtle threats similar to those developed by the enemy."

In the United States, a squadron of "aggressors" was created after the Vietnam War, where the Americans had the opportunity to meet Soviet pilots who were on secret missions there. It turned out that US fighter jets were not ready for a meeting in the air with a serious enemy.

The training squadron began to recruit only the most experienced pilots with at least 600 flying hours and instructor qualifications.

They studied textbooks and other documentation of the enemy Air Force and flew aircraft that, in terms of their flight and tactical characteristics, were similar to those of the "aggressor" aircraft.

The US closely followed the design of Chinese fighter jets, which in this decade were able to bring J-20 fighter jets into mass production and were used by the Chinese air force. 

US pilots first discovered two J-20 fighter jets in the sky over the East China Sea during a US naval exercise there.

That's when Washington considers the Chinese fighter jets a serious challenge to American air superiority. The situation is increasingly alarming for the United States in connection with reports that China has begun to develop sixth-generation aircraft.

There are a number of other reasons not to compare these fighter jets. But nevertheless, the US noted that the J-20 fighter jets are the same as the F-35s and Russian Su-57 fighter jets. However, the US fifth-generation fighter jet F-35, is still inferior in terms of maneuvers when compared to the Russian SU-57 fighter jet.

Us F-35 fighter jets are considered the lightest and lose in terms of Maneuvers. China's J-20 has an advantage in terms of Maneuver when compared to the F-35, so to deal with China's J-20 fighter jets, the US must have pilots who are indeed already experienced.

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