U.S. to send back A number of M777 Howitzer weapons to ukrainian armed forces

Hsmilitarycom: Earlier, Russian drones destroyed a number of US M777 Howitzers in Ukraine, the destruction of the Howitzer cannon was published on the telegram channel.

U.S. to send back A number of M777 Howitzer weapons to ukrainian armed forces

Before the US M777 howitzer was destroyed by a Russian drone, the armed forces used the cannon for seven days.

But recently, the US announced its readiness to send more Howitzers and other military equipment to Ukraine, allegedly the use of the M777 howitzer is very effective. 

According to data cited from various sources, the US will deliver 50 howitzer-type weapons and nearly 100,000 rounds of ammunition, the most supplies during Russia's military operation in Ukraine.

U.S. military advisers consider this type of weapon to be very cheap and most effective, and therefore the U.S. will send a larger number of such weapons to Ukraine.

However, some sources also revealed the facts that happened in the field regarding the M777 howitzer. The source said the use of howitzer weapons often experience problems, such as jams etc.


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