Ukraine buys weapons from Europe to pay for them with wheat

Hsmilitarycom: Russia's U.N. representative Vasily Nebenzya told a Security Council meeting that Ukraine bought weapons and military equipment from European countries accepted by Kyiv and paid for them with wheat.

Ukraine buys weapons from Europe to pay for them with wheat

According to Nebenzi, citing Western representatives, wheat is actively exported from the country by train and barge along the Danube.

In this case, the Russian side suspected it and it was unreasonable that the wheat would meet the needs of the starving southern world, but was used as payment for supplied weapons.

Shipments of wheat to European countries were initially thought to meet humanitarian needs. However, the Russians suspected him and considered shipping large amounts of wheat to buy weapons from Europe.

Previously, European countries were considered the most active in delivering military equipment to Ukraine and a number of Soviet-made fighter jets.

Is the delivery of a certain amount of military equipment from a European country to Ukraine free? Of course not!, Ukraine has to pay for it.

Russia's military operation into Ukraine is considered to have caused ukraine a lot of losses, so buying weapons in European countries and the US is very likely to pay for it with wheat.


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